Team Heart runs the Mankato Marathon

October 30, 2013

Be StrongThanks to Joe Steck at the Mankato Times for sending us this inspiring story of Team Heart – brother/sister team Niki Ronnan and Mike Ewaldt.

“The 2013 Mankato Marathon keynote speaker was ground breaking Boston Marathoner Kathrine Switzer, the first women to complete the Boston Marathon with a number.  In the audience listening to Kathrine was a sister – brother running team who was about to break a barrier of their own, to compete in a full marathon in Minnesota.” Click here to read the full story.


Inspirational Runner

June 13, 2013

victory wmarkTanya Radoff is a lifestyle photographer in Houston, Texas. Born in South Africa, she immigrated to the US when she was 18 years old. Her recent project was collecting profiles and photographs of professionals and their body art, with special interest in the personal significance of their tattoos.

One of Tanya’s profiles is of Danielle, a 34-year-old runner, whose life challenge was severe scoliosis. Danielle underwent a full spinal fusion in 1999 – two titanium rods with screws and hooks that were fused to her spine from head to tail to help strengthen out her acute curves in her spine. For years, Danielle had a fear of falling and was terrified of bicycles. Following six years of a difficult and long surgery, rehab, and recovery, Danielle recently completed an Ironman Triathlon. She credits her mother and her great-grandmother, both artists, as being inspirations to her. Her great-grandmother was an avid painter and lover of birds and fish and painted them frequently. The Phoenix and peacock were her favorites.

Here is Danielle’s story in her own words:
“My body art was inspired completely by my great-grandmother. Years and years of addiction, physical pain, and insecurities within my own body led me to want to ultimately embellish my skin with something beautiful and something that represented not only my great-grandmother, but also freedom, life, art, and rising up from the ashes. After recovery and healing, I discovered many truths. Pain is temporary. It’s that simple. Suffering is a part of life, so when the question is asked, “Did it hurt?” the answer is complicated yet simple. Life can hurt; it’s the end result that matters. And my end result is worth so much more than a few hours, weeks, months of pain of the flesh. Pains of the flesh can heal; pain in the heart can last a lifetime, just as joy. My art brings me joy and will continue to do so as long as there is breath in my body. It represents me and reminds me that anything is possible. You can rise above your reality and create a new one. No matter how far down you are, you can rise – like the Phoenix.”

Tanya will be exhibiting her work entitled “Blue Ink” on Saturday, July 13, 7pm-10 pm at the Hardy and Nance Studios, 902 Hardy Street, Houston, Texas. Her website:


Slammin’: Voices from the Middle of The Pack – Photos and stories of the runners in the 2013 Ultramarathon Grand Slam

March 4, 2013

Friend/photographer/subscriber of Marathon & Beyond, Michael Lebowitz is documenting the 2013 Ultra Grand Slam in a book called Slammin’: Voices from the Middle of the Pack.

Michael writes: “Many people consider summitting Everest to be one of the most difficult physical accomplishments. Yet, completing a series of 100-mile foot races across North America is perhaps even more challenging. There have been only 266 finishers of the Grand Slam since the event began in 1986 when Tom Green did it for the first time. In that same period 3500+ people have summitted Mt. Everest. Everest is 29,028 feet high, about 5.5 miles. There is a total of nearly 80,000 ft. of elevation gain during the 400 miles of the Slam, nearly two-and-a-half times more than Everest. Climbing Everest requires teams of people, weeks of hiking and climbing, expensive equipment, clothing, extensive training, guides. The Grand Slam is 400 miles and requires long-run training, a very small crew made up of wives/husbands /friends and several pairs of running shoes.

“There will be approximately 18 people on the starting line at Western States 100 mile whose dreams go much farther than 100 miles of this most famous of ultra courses with its 18,000 ft of elevation and legendary conditions. For these athletes, it is only the first step of a very long journey and will be followed, three weeks later, by the Vermont 100, with its 14,000 Ft of elevation gain. Four weeks later is the Leadville Trail 100 at 16,200 ft of gain, followed by the Wasatch Front 100, with an almost unimaginable elevation gain of 26,882 feet. It’s unlikely that more than 10 or 12 will cross the finish line at Wasatch, the Slam in hand. We’re going to be focusing on this group of ordinary people who have it in their hearts that they can and will accomplish this extraordinary thing.”

To learn more about Michael’s extraordinary project, click here.

“Makers: Women Who Make America”

February 25, 2013

KathrineSet your DVRs to record PBS at 8 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 27 as Marathon & Beyond friend and running legend Kathrine Switzer opens the film. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Makers: Women Who Make America” is “one of the best and far-reaching films about the modern women’s movement.” This new documentary, hosted by Meryl Streep, airs at 8 pm on PBS on Tuesday, Feb 27. Our friend Kathrine Switzer opens the program which documents women like Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King, Meg Whitman, Rita Mae Brown, Judy Blume, and Aileen Hernandez, to name a few – all women who have made an impact on current history.

Join the Club

January 28, 2013

Sub 4 ClubYou worked hard for your results, and you deserve some recognition for it.

ProvenSport is a new business founded by Dr. Nate Dallas that provides certified running decals for athletes who have successfully achieved certain athletic milestones. One day when riding around his hometown in south Georgia, Dallas kept noticing generic running decals on the back of people’s automobiles. You’ve seen them too…. 26.2, 13.1, I Run, Running is Life, I Love Running, Tri, etc. These decals often just mean, “I participated.” You never know where the person finished or even if they did. Dallas thought it would be nice for elite athletes to have a way to show that they did more than just participate. After one discussion with his business partner, was born.
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