Run the World, Episode 1: Ship’s Stern Circuit

April 1, 2015

Shipsternscircuit3Marathon & Beyond has teamed up with the RunGo team, a group of run-loving employees who would like to share with you some of their favorite runs around the world. Each run in the “Run the World” series, will feature a different region, with tons of photos to get you motivated and a link to RunGo’s route, so you can follow the run with voice navigation. Whether it’s road or trail, it will be something to add to your running bucket list. 

Episode 1: Ship’s Stern Circuit, Lamington National Park, Australia
Distance: 21km
Elevation Change: 1576 meter cumulative elevation change

ShipSternsCircuit2Why You’ll Love it

This run takes you through one of the most beautiful rainforests we’ve ever seen. Discover waterfalls, open views of lush, cascading valleys, and be treated to soft, rolling terrain that keeps you feeling fresh. What’s more, Lamington National Park treats you with a temperature that is much cooler than the Gold Coast’s typical scorching temperatures. 


Beware of leeches! These little critters are harmless though, and good motivation to run faster!

RunGo Route to Follow: Ship’s Stern Circuit 

Happy trails! 

Alicia, from the RunGo team

The idea that brought this runner back from ruin

August 19, 2014

94575660894300935_QpG7YmTY_cby Elinor Fish

Elinor Fish is a writer, coach, ultrarunner and expert in mindful running and natural running form. She is dedicated to helping people improve their health and reduce stress through a sustainable running practice. Elinor’s articles and ideas have been featured in Runner’s World, Los Angeles Times, Yoga Journal, SHAPE, Women, Endurance, Trail Runner, Running Times and many others.

After successfully completing Colorado’s infamous Leadville Trail 100 several years ago, I was on cloud nine, dreaming about my next big endurance challenge. While my imagination soared, my body plummeted into depths of exhaustion I’d never before experienced.

I couldn’t seem to recover from Leadville, and almost a year after the race was over, I still struggled to run for even an hour, and soon even that energy dried up. I was exhausted all the time, barely making it through the workweek so I could spend weekends in bed. Sleepless, lethargic and starting to feel depressed, I knew something was seriously wrong, and that I didn’t want to treat with a prescription.

Seeking solutions, I delved deeply into studying what it true health looks like and what factors most greatly influences our well-being.

What I learned changed the way I view running forever.
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Trail Running Conference in Estes Park, Colorado

May 20, 2014

EstesParkMarathon & Beyond is pleased to be a part of the second annual Trail Running Conference in Estes Park, Colorado, October 9-11, 2014. The first day of the conference is dedicated to trail race directors, with days two and three devoted to trail runners. The event is located at the historic Stanley Hotel, in the majestic mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado.

The event will include expert speaker panels and round table sessions; group runs with guest star athletes; interactive workshops on subjects including uphill and downhill running technique, stretching and flexibility; and an expo with trail-related manufacturers and vendors with opportunities to demo trail gear.

Sponsors include Marathon & Beyond magazine, Trail Runner magazine, VFuel, Boulder Running Company, New Balance, and Colorado Life magazine.

The Conference also features a prize draw, raising funds and awareness for ATRA (American Trail Running Association), with prizes from Balega, Icespike, Colorado Runner Magazine, Trans Rockies Run 3, SkyRunner Series, Mizuno, Colorado Life Magazine, Ultimate Direction, & Skratch Labs.

The inaugural 2013 Conference attracted nearly 100 attendees. Organizers expect more than 200 trail runners and race directors for the 2014 event!

A trail running film festival is also planned during the Conference, featuring films dedicated to trail running shown at a local theater in Estes Park.

Come and join in a 3-day celebration of trail running in the USA!

Registration is open for both trail race directors and trail runners – see details at


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