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    Sub 4 ClubYou worked hard for your results, and you deserve some recognition for it.

    ProvenSport is a new business founded by Dr. Nate Dallas that provides certified running decals for athletes who have successfully achieved certain athletic milestones. One day when riding around his hometown in south Georgia, Dallas kept noticing generic running decals on the back of people’s automobiles. You’ve seen them too…. 26.2, 13.1, I Run, Running is Life, I Love Running, Tri, etc. These decals often just mean, “I participated.” You never know where the person finished or even if they did. Dallas thought it would be nice for elite athletes to have a way to show that they did more than just participate. After one discussion with his business partner, was born.

    There are currently decals for marathons, half-marathons, and triathlons on the site. The ProvenSport team plans to add more races and more sports in the coming months. The catch is this. You cannot receive the decals unless your race times have been validated by Dallas’ team. That’s right. If you want to be a member of the “SUB 3 CLUB,” you must provide a link proving your race time results. If there isn’t a way to validate your 2:48:13, you can’t get the decal. “We hope that ProvenSport will become a club for great athletes,” said the founder.

    The team at ProvenSport hopes that people will be proud of their own achievements, that they will be given respect from other athletes, and that they will use the validation as motivation to go even further. According to Dallas, some people get the decals because they just want to “one-up” their buddies. That’s fine. Competition is always good, right? But he says that he is really happy to know that many other people, who have really dedicated significant time, money, and energy into their goal, will receive some recognition for it. Dallas says, “This motivates us and gives us a sense of self-achievement. People should be proud. Discipline is a fading virtue in our unhealthy society that is so focused on quick convenience.” We should be proud of self-motivation, hard work, personal health, and wellness.

    Race results are typically verified by published web results for races. However, if the race did not publish results online, results can still be validated by photos, articles, or other means. One gentleman – who is now in his 70’s and STILL running marathons – was still proud of his “Sub 3” race from 30 years ago and wanted to show the world. ProvenSport validated the old newspaper clipping that he had in a shoebox and shipped him his decal.

    Check out the site at to get your decals and join the club. They invite you to send them your suggestions, too. Keep up the pace!

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