Bottomline Scores added to Website

    BottomlineOur Bottom Line scores have been added to our website! In every issue of Marathon & Beyond, we review a race in great detail. We have weighed various aspects of a marathon within a 900-1,000-point scoring grid. In addition to the author of the article, two dozen runners at the race were randomly chosen to score the race for us.

    Our scores reflect the following aspects of a marathon:

    • History/Tradition: Evaluate the race’s sense of history and tradition.
    • Entry Form: Is the race entry form clear, concise, attractive, complete, and easy to fill out?
    • Entry Cost: For most races, the entry fee covers between 30 and 50 percent of the cost of putting on the event. Rate the value of your dollar relative to this race.
    • Locale/Scenics: s the race held in an area that is easy to get to and scenic and offers adequate food and housing services and non-race activities for family and friends?
    • Registration: Is registration well organized and efficient? Does it bog down unnecessarily?
    • Prerace activities: Evaluate activities, such as pasta feeds, parties, and so on, during the days before the race.
    • Expo: Does the expo offer a fair number and variety of booths relative to the race’s size? Are there quality exhibitors and good guest speakers?
    • Course: Take into consideration the following: degree of difficulty, certified, sanctioned, quality of road or trail surface, adequate mileage and directional markers, aid stations, medical coverage, race communications, accessibility to course for friends and family, typical weather, and so on.
    • Race Amenities: This category includes race T-shirt, finisher’s medal, finisher’s certificate, adequate and efficient finish area, ease of sweatbag retrieval, showers, postrace refreshments, awards ceremony, raffles, results postcard, results book, and so on.
    • Volunteers: Are the volunteers experienced and adequate in number?

    The Bottomline Scores are located in our Archives. Click on the Archives tab, and you will see the Bottomline Scores. Or click here to go directly to that page.


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