Sept/Oct Editor’s Choice: Thank You, Junebug

    Cover17.5SMThank You, Junebug.
    Meghan Hicks
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    [Author’s Note: Rich Benyo gives me free reign with this column, and I usually choose to mix things up, writing a bit about my own trail-running adventures as well as the goings-on of the trail and ultrarunning community. With this column, this one time, I’m writing about a significant event in my personal life, the recent death of my dog, Junebug.]

    You must know I am looking for a dog like you. It’s a fall day in 2001 at a shelter in San Angelo, Texas. The other dogs are complete nutters—barking, leaping, running circles, cowering in the corner of their kennel—just as you would expect a dog to behave in this strange and unhealthy environment. But you sit quietly, your furry tail swishing back and forth across the dirty concrete floor and your eyes focused on me.

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