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    We think Marathon & Beyond is great, but don’t take it from us. Listen to what some of our readers have to say.

    “Runners of great distances, would-be runners, former runners, and fans of running all will find much to like about Marathon & Beyond. The articles, in keeping with the events and people they cover, run long and deep.” —Joe Henderson, author of over two dozen running books

    “Reading the first issues of Marathon & Beyond is like discovering a beautiful mountain trail. You are filled with excitement at having new, unknown territory to explore, and you are anxious to return there whenever you can, to see what is around each twist and turn. This is not a read-and-recycle running magazine. Marathon & Beyond goes beyond what you are probably reading now to give you an in-depth, broad view of long-distance running. We long-distance runners are a breed apart. Now we have a magazine that does our sport justice.” —Michael Sandrock, Author, Running With the Legends; Staff Writer, Colorado Daily Camera

    Marathon & Beyond is a stylish and well-written addition to every serious runner’s essential reading. I look forward to every issue and am never disappointed.” —Julia Emmons, Former Executive Director, The Atlanta Track Club

    Marathon & Beyond has carved its own niche in the world of running publications. I like its size and shape, the topics, the excellent writing, and the down-to-earth grassroots focus. If someone had decided to cross FootNotes, Prevention, and The New Yorker, it would have resulted in Marathon & Beyond. I can see already that each issue is a ‘keeper’ in my library of running books!” —Henley F. Gabeau, Former Executive Director, Road Runners Club of America

    “Most marathoners have an insatiable need to know about their sport. Rich Benyo, long associated with Runner’s World magazine, has started a publication dedicated to those who want information about the marathon and beyond. This handsome publication looks and feels like a paperback book, and as its name implies, its contents are for folks who believe racing doesn’t start until you’ve run at least two hours. If your forte is the long ones, a subscription to Marathon & Beyond looks like a good investment.” —Michigan Runner

    “I was initially struck by [the magazine’s] overall appearance. The covers are glossy and feature attractive color pictures. The printing and binding, maps, and photographs are uniformly excellent. More importantly, as I started reading, I found a lot more than just another pretty face. If you are a confirmed marathoner, or a marathon wannabe, I believe that you will enjoy and learn from this new journal.” —Running Journal

    Marathon & Beyond serves up a varied menu of well-written articles that are informative and interesting—a feast to satisfy any reader.” —Freddi Carlip, editor, Runner’s Gazette

    “I like how M&B bucks the trend away from expansiveness. Everyone is always saying how readers want bite-sized pieces that they can quickly absorb, then produce accordingly, sometimes reluctantly. I wonder how much of that is self-fulfilling; that is, they have a short attention span, so we’ll keep it brief, which then contributes to readers having short attention spans, so we need to keep it brief, and so on. Why can’t we respect the reader’s intelligence? Certainly The New Yorker is thriving despite a lack of terseness.—Scott Douglas, Senior writer, Running Times

    “M&B’s quality, in both content and presentation, make it the professional periodical of long-distance running. It’s the best thing to hit the running scene since Jeff Galloway’s marathon training program.” —Cathy Troisi, Seneca Falls, New York, Syracuse Chargers

    “After being loaned the third issue of Marathon & Beyond, I immediately realized that this was a unique publication and signed up for 2 years. The articles are interesting and well written (the lack of race results is a bonus as most are available on the Net anyway). The magazine itself is the right size to lie in bed and read. The staff at Marathon & Beyond reply to queries in a fast and friendly way, leaving one to feel like a valued customer. Great Going Guys. I look forward to many years of great stories and articles.” —Wendy Patterson, Toronto

    “After picking up my first copy of M&B during the summer, I couldn’t put it down. I found the instructional articles to be very helpful. I found the article on converting marathon training to training for your first 50-miler to be especially good. Partially because of that article, I was able successfully and comfortably to complete my first ultramarathon, the Nifty Fifty in Coventry, RI. I find the inspirational articles to be inspirational indeed. And, I’ve found the Ed Dodd historical piece that is being run serially to be very enjoyable. I truly hope that M&B will be successful and would love to subscribe for life!” —Dr. Doug Pierson, Lincoln, Rhode Island

    “I received my first copy of Marathon & Beyond at the Smoky Mountain Marathon in Tennessee. I was very pleased to find a large number of readable articles pointed toward the group of runners whose shortest runs are 26.2 miles. These are more than snippets or brief paragraphs about a topic or race results. The technical articles are very helpful. “The Vegetarian Runner” and “Train for Your First 50-Miler” came at exactly the right time. I will keep all of these issues and refer to them-and refer them to others, as they tend to be timeless. The topics covered in M&B are the ones long-distance runners need in depth. Thank you.” —Lois Berkowitz, Riverview, Michigan, 50 & D.C. Marathon group and Toledo Road Runners Club

    “With the sport of running changing everyday—from the gear we wear to the high-tech training methods—Marathon & Beyond keeps me informed. A valuable tool for any level runner, M&B covers all the elements of running with articles by some of the top runners, coaches, and doctors in the sport. The in-depth coverage of training, racing, and the history of running is a must for any runner who wants to maximize his or her performance. But most of all, M&B is an enjoyable magazine to read and full of interesting insights into the day-to-day running and training techniques of not only the world’s elite runners but the average runner who just wants to improve and stay injury free.” —Donna M. Troyna, Mountain View, California, veteran of 64 marathons

    “I have really enjoyed subscribing to Marathon & Beyond and have saved each issue to go back to when I need to. I’ve enjoyed finding out new ideas as well as the old tried and true tricks. As many marathoners know, once you love running distance, it is fun to read about others who love it too. I have found M&B to be very informative as well as fun to read.” —Ginny Crumley, Gainesville, Georgia

    “M&B is a great inspirational device. Reading about the trials and tribulations of the ‘regular’ guy/gal runner along with the elite allows the reader to bond with the stories better. I wait with much anticipation to receive each issue. I love the ultra articles. In 1998 I will make my first attempt at one.” —David Hale, Fort Drum, New York, Finger Lakes Road Runners Club

    “I thoroughly enjoy Marathon & Beyond, from the pedestrians of the 19th century to today’s marathoners. All in all, super! I’ve told several people about your publication.” —Brian Corbin, Gulf Winds Track Club

    “It’s nice to have a resource for distance running that addresses the sport, not how to look pretty on the track. And, with marathoning becoming mainstream, it’s good to have something that guides me to the next level.” —A.J. Preble, DC Road Runners Club

    “M&B is the only magazine that once I get started I can’t put down. I read it cover to cover the day it arrives in the mail. The accounts of the marathon experiences are so vivid that I swear my FEET hurt after plowing through an entire issue! Now, if you could also publish a magazine on massages! Keep up the good work.” —Dr. Blaise Aguirre, Boston, Massachusetts

    “A thoroughly refreshing antidote to the rampant 5Kism of the 90s, Marathon & Beyond is the true bible of REAL distance running, be it the Montana Marathon, the Comrades Ultra, or (what, you missed it?) that six-day race in New York City in 1882… ” —Peter Wallan, Editor, Hockomock Swamp Rat

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