Some Good Reasons to Run Today

January 6, 2014
Rachael BazzettEven though your thermometer is trying to convince you otherwise.
Rachael Bazzett, guest blogger

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Cold temperatures make it so much more challenging to get out of bed in the morning, let alone think about pulling on your running tights and heading outside. It is easy to talk yourself into an extra rest day, but there are plenty of good reasons to hit the trail or the road and log some miles. Many of them include training benefits like having a short off-season and maintaining running shape, but here are a few more reasons.

Nostalgia. If you grew up anywhere with snow, it is likely that you spent many cold winter days bundled up and building snowmen, sledding, and rolling around in the cold white stuff. Maybe you even got a day off from school every now and then. Whenever I get out to run in the fresh snow, I go back to feeling like a little kid. I enjoy my tracks on the ground and the snow that falls off the branches if you run by too closely. Mostly I enjoy how I feel once I have returned home. Stepping into a warm house, taking a shower, and eating some hot soup or oatmeal feels like the coziest thing ever imagined, and I remember warming up by the fire after long days out playing. As an adult, you probably don’t go out and play hard in the snow. I have not found a better way to recreate that feeling than with a long run in the winter.
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