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    2015 Editor’s Choice

    An Extended Vacation

    Whacking Out on the Wabasha Waddle


    Running From the Dark

    Running for Time

    My Most Unforgettable Marathon

    My Most Unforgettable Pacing

    Back to the Basics

    The World’s Most Determined (and Dominant) Marathoner

    Under Two Hours—and Beyond

    2014 Editor’s Choice

    Running the 292-Mile Badwater Double

    Look Back in Wonder

    Thank, You, Meb

    Stepping It Up

    A Letter to Race Volunteers

    Ode to Joy

    2013 Editor’s Choice

    My Good-bye Marathon

    Thank You, Junebug

    The 10 Most Important Marathons in History

    Something Old, Something New
    The top 25 marathon finisher medals of 2012.

    A Farewell to Guy Morse
    The man who played a huge role in saving the Boston Marathon moves on.

    Up and Down and Up at the NYC Marathon

    2012 Editor’s Choice

    Painting on Walls
    Images of ultras, captured spirits.

    Ibuprofen and Running
    Negative effects and novel nutritional substitutes.

    Major Marathons of Hawaii
    Each island’s top marathon is unique.

    Chasing the Flying Goddess
    Marathons scramble to keep pace with incredible finisher’s medals.

    My Own Private Marathon
    A race director with a twist.

    John J. Kelley was a lot of things to a lot of people but consistently a friend to all.

    Past Editor’s Choice – in alphabetical order by article title

    51 the Hard Way
    The First Effort to Run 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Days Was a Low-Key Feat, Done on the Cheap.

    A Father’s Surprise
    Be vigilant when you’re running a race; someone may be stalking you.

    A Star is Born
    Shalane Flanagan finds her distance.

    The Barefoot Route
    Some runners prefer to return to the basics of human locomotion.

    Beyond The Wall
    A Short Story: Racing Past the Past Can Produce a Runner’s Low.

    Past 40, Reverted to Recreational Runner, Can I Make the Olympic Marathon Trials? Part 1.

    Confessions of an Ultramarathon Skeptic
    Are they truly athletes? Or, are they just crazies?

    Deena Does Distance
    A Run to the Beach Changed American Marathon History.

    Deena Kastor
    The Olympic Bronze Medalist Talks About Athens, Boston, and Beijing.

    Don’t Meddle With Tradition
    The best of the U.S. marathon finisher’s medals—2009.

    If You Think a 24-Hour Race is Tough, Try Two of Them in Tandem.

    First Steps
    A Handful of Female Marathon Pioneers Inspired a Generation of Women Runners.

    Flying With the Monkeys
    How I Lost My Mind and Created a New Marathon.

    Forming a Pearl
    The top marathon finisher’s medals in North America—2010.

    Gillian Adams Horovitz
    A life defined by running well.

    Going the Distance in Pennsylvania
    Places and races in the uncommon commonwealth.

    From Arusha to Fort Sill Via Boston
    Some journeys tend to meander.

    Health Advice for Running International Marathons
    Everything you need to know about staying healthy when running marathons in foreign lands.

    The Hells of the Bunion Derby
    John Stone, Jr.’s account of running in the first footrace across America.

    Hitting “The Wall”
    If You Understand the Scientific Reasons Behind “The Wall,” You Should Be Able to Avoid It.

    In Pursuit of Ghosts and Unicorns
    April doesn’t mean just spring. It also means it’s time to marathon.

    In Praise of Small-Town Races
    Or How I Went to Idaho and Fell in Love With the Mesa Falls Marathon.

    The Infection Connection
    Running Can Boost or Dampen Your Immune System.

    The Interstate Trekker
    Crossing all 50 states on foot seemed like a good way to enjoy retirement.

    Inventing 100-Mile Trail Racing
    The Historic First Running of the Western States 100.

    A Legend in Her Own Right.

    Just Joe
    Joe Henderson’s career has helped define the sport.

    The Marathon From Hell
    The 1904 St. Louis Olympics Were Scabbed onto the World’s Fair, a Recipe for Disaster That Only the Hot August Marathon Could Top.

    Marathon Mom
    For an Energetic Mother, There’s No Such Phrase As, “Nope, Can’t Do.”

    Marriage on the Run
    If Opposites Attract, What do Two of a Kind Do?

    My Most Unforgettable Marathon (And What I Learned From It)

    My Most Unforgettable Ultramarathon (And What I Learned From It)
    A Marathon World Record Holder Decides to Tackle the Ultimate Ultra: Comrades

    New York 2001

    On the Road With Ellen McCurtin
    A Runner’s Worst Friend.

    One Mile Deep
    Ten miles as the crow flies, 20 miles rim to rim.

    Pam Reed’s Excellent Death Valley Adventure
    In the frying pan desert, sometimes a peak experience appears from nowhere.

    Recovering From Boston
    To Run Boston Is One Thing-to Bounce Back Afterward Is Another.

    Rejoice! It’s a Beautiful Day
    Hard Work and Long, Hard Miles Led Meb Keflezighi to Athens and to a Sterling-Silver Day.

    Running, Aging, and Human Potential
    The longevity measuring stick is in the legs.

    Running As Armor
    A Fit Lifestyle Serves to Modulate the Aging Process.

    Running With the Hanson Brothers
    Based on the Successes of the Old Greater Boston Track Club, the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project Produces Results.

    Running With the Kenyans
    Is There a “Secret” to the Kenyan Domination of Long-Distance Running? Yes. It’s Running.

    Running the Pony Express Trail
    An Opportunity to Mix Western History with Ultrarunning Was Not to Be Missed. Part 1 of an Occasional Series.

    Running Y1K: Fragments from a Lost Log

    Ryan Hall
    Inspiring With the Gift.

    Saying Goodbye to Ted
    As Long As One Person Remembers Ted, He Will Never Die.

    Sleepless in Tucson
    Or the Multitasking of the Very-Long-Distance Runner

    Specialist Specific
    There’s no such thing as a good injury—only a good sportsmed specialist to cure it.

    Sports Science Research
    Can It Improve Your Marathon Time?

    The Chip Goes to Boston
    When “The Chip” Came to Boston, It Nearly Found Itself Locked Out.

    The Essential Encyclopedia of Marathoning
    For the digest-oriented, a manual of essential marathoning listings, each held to 25 words or less.

    The Man of Steele Defies Science
    A boy named Fay has only one route through life: to repeatedly prove his mettle.

    The Marathon as Springboard
    Here’s How to Use the Marathon to Train for Your First 50-Miler.

    The Physiology of Marathon Running
    Just What Does Running a Marathon Do to Your Body?

    This I Believe

    Time Out for a Running Holiday
    The Cayman Islands Marathon delivers small-town charm in an exotic paradise.

    To the Pole
    When You Plan to Run at the Bottom of the World, Patience Is of the Essence.

    Top 26 Marathons in North America
    There’s a Marathon For Every Taste. These Races Are the Best of the Best.

    Transformation of an Adventure Runner
    One Runner’s Journey From the Farm to Mount Everest, Through Joyful and Scary Places in His Heart and Soul.

    Triple Threat
    Helen Klein’s Tahoe Triple Marathon Sets a New Standard for Mature Athletes.

    25 Books Every Marathoner Should Own
    A Library That Will Enhance the Marathoning Experience While Broadening Its Focus.

    While Pacing in the Marathon is Often Frowned Upon and Often Illegal, in Ultras It Is an Art.

    When Out-and-Back Just Doesn’t Get It Done
    The Desert Asserts an Allure That Can Make Runners Go to Extremes.

    You Want to Put on a Marathon—Where?
    Defying the Taliban, One Step at a Time.

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