Why doesn’t M&B look like a magazine?

March 1, 2012

Many people are surprised the first time they see M&B because it doesn’t look like a typical magazine. Marathon & Beyond looks like a book but reads like a magazine and is a magazine. We wanted the magazine to be sturdy and have shelf presence, like a paperback book that you’ll want to add to your running library and refer to again and again. Time after time, our readers tell us that M&B is a “read and save” not a “read and throw away” magazine. M&B will inspire you to run longer, better, smarter.

How much is a subscription to M&B?

  • A one-year print subscription (six issues) is $36.95 U.S., $57 Foreign, and $54.60 Cnd. (includes 5% GST).
  • A two-year print subscription (12 issues) is $69 U.S.; $109 Foreign; and $107.10 Cnd. (includes 5% GST).
  • A three-year print subscription (18 issues) is $101 U.S.; $161 Foreign; $160.65 Cnd. (includes 5% GST).
  • We also offer digital subscriptions for $32.95 (1 year), $61 (2 years), and $90 (3 years), regardless of where you live.
  • We offer an Early Bird renewal special, as well as a new subscriber incentive program.
  • Back issues of M&B cost $6.00, any six for $30, plus shipping.
    Call (217) 359-9345, (toll-free) 877/972-4230, or order your subscription online.

Can you get M&B at the bookstores or your local running store?

Marathon & Beyond is available in bookstores and running stores across the country. If your local bookstore or running store isn’t carrying the magazine, ask them to contact us at (toll-free) 877/972-4230.

Can you subscribe to M&B via your Web site?

Yes, you can subscribe to M&B via our Web site. You can also order M&B gear, back issues, and books through the site.

Who writes for M&B?

All the writers in M&B are runners (some also happen to be professional journalists), coaches, or scientists. Members of M&B’s science advisory board—some of the top researchers in the world in the science of running—are frequent contributors. Our writers have included a former Olympic marathoner, an elder statesman of the Boston Marathon, and may others who know the rewards and challenges of long-distance running.

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